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List of Workshops

·       What is teaching & learning in the 21st Century?

·       Raising standards of teaching and learning in the Primary & Secondary Schools.

·       Implementation and adaptation of international Primary Curriculum. (PKTS Curriculum).

·       How to use assessment effectively to raise achievement.

·       Improving the learning environment.

·       Learning interventions.

·       Special educational needs & learning

·       Interventions differentiations in the classroom.

·       Personalised teaching and learning/creative curriculum.

·       Improving or writing policies.

·       A more exciting approach to teaching and learning for Maths & English.

·       Promoting Reading Culture in Schools.

·       Progression in mental maths (every child counts).

·       Subject Knowledge in Maths, English, Science and I.C.T

·       Blended Approach and the Future of Learning.

·       Using ICT in the classroom effectively

·       Pedagogies that accelerate learning (every child matters).

·       Improving or writing an effective marking policy to raise achievements.

·       Teaching literacy through art

·       Teaching sequence in literacy.

·       Guided group work in Maths – raising attainment in Mathematics.

·       Implementation of Guided Reading.

·       Leadership roles in School.

·       Improving Literacy through the use of story books.