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Welcome to Okantey Adjetey Consultancy Limited

Over the years, I have gained vast experience in teaching and learning; assessment; raising achievement in schools; designing curriculums, providing training to teachers and school leaders; running reading and writing programmes and taking children on adventure camps to the UK.

Founder and CEO


I am a UK trained teacher and an education consultant with many years of teaching experience in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary. I am also a Board member of Des’ev Fashion Academy, Ghana, and Board Trustee Chairman of National Achievement of Students Awards, Ghana. I am the CEO of Project Know ThySelf International, Okantey Adjetey Consultancy and a member of the The Elders Consult. I worked as a Teach First Teacher mentor and Maths coordinator at Peckham Park Primary School in London (now known as Harris Primary Academy).
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A strong understanding of how teaching and learning has evolved, thus improving standards in reading writing and numeracy.
Empowerment of teacher's confidence with a strong drive to improve knowledge and self-actualization.
A good understanding of how children learn through personalised and tailored teaching and learning.
Understanding the various and diverse pedagogy for teaching.
Teachers and schools become critical and innovative with their planning, teaching and assessment.
Ability to identify individual Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
Understanding the effective ways to use assessment for high academic progress.
Understanding of passion, mission, profession and vocation. Understanding of enquiry and project based teaching and learning.

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